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Holidays are nearly over

As the holiday’s draw to an end we thought it would be a good time to let everyone know what we have been getting up to over the holidays. The move over to the old bell is now complete and we are very happy here. At the same time we have had a fair few summer events that we have loved catering for even a picnic which was something very new to us but the team loved the idea of being out in the park for a couple of hours.
Most of us have been away at some point over the holidays. I am one that favours good old British sea side with very fresh fish and chips and loads of ice cream. Especially when the weather has been like it has been this year there isn’t any need to travel across the world to get a nice tan!
Looks like we are going to have to get ready to carry on with the rest of the year as the weather slower gets colder I am sure we will stop complaining how hot it is and start moaning about how we had to get the ice off the windscreen this morning.
22/08/13 – 15:41   

Our new home

This is officially our first week in our new home The Old Bell Hotel! People have called us mad for coming here think this is why! ( However putting aside that we might have an extra pair of hands helping with preparing all the buffets this building is such an iconic building and has finally been given the chance it has deserved for all these years.
So far the owner has refurbished both ends of The Old Bell Hotel. He has reopened the Old Tudor Bar which is no longer only a gentleman’s bar although it still only has one toilet which from evening I have spent in there the women enjoy sneaking off to use the male toilets. (Only a single cubical). In addition he has also opened a tea rooms on the other side, which has been restored to an outstanding quality.
The most recent addition to this fantastic building is our kitchen. We have had the old stables converted this is where the horses would have stayed when this used to be a coaching house. After a little bit of research I have also found out that the kennels for the dogs that were travelling with them used to be above the stables! I would have never of thought that the dogs could be in the loft space but I suppose it was easier putting them up there than the horses! All the kennels are still up there! The owner is looking at opening more of the building by November however he is currently doing tours around the building at a small cost for those that are keen to see it now and here more of its stories. 
31/07/13 - 08:52am

Making the perfect sandwich.

1.       First choose your favourite type of bread. White, wholemeal, granary, tortilla wrap, deli roll, ciabatta roll, pitta bread. Everyone has a favourite my personal favourite this time of year is the tortilla wrap because it is nice and light.
2.       Next choose a spread which will help the bread stick together. The traditional favourite is butter however items such as mayonnaise, salad cream will serve this purpose and if you are looking at lowering the fat content but want to include a sauce as well removing the butter will help here. A few other options for spreads would be. Hummus, cream cheese, ketchup, mustard to name a few. You can even combine different spreads to suite your taste. One which we use here at Sadlergates To You is pesto and mayonnaise.
3.       Once you have your bread and your spread the next stage is selecting the filling. (my favourite part) The choice here is endless! There are a wide range of meats (even ones that don’t originate from this country although at Sadlergates To You we use locally sourced meats to ensure quality and at the same time we get to support the local economy. Alongside meats there are many different types of cheese, egg. The base fillings (as I like to call them) are endless and once you have your base filling you can then either add another base filling or add some salad into the mix.
4.       Then you place the bread together and slice!
5.       Finally place on a plate and serve with a side drink. Sandwhiches are typically served during lunch (somewhere between 11am and 1pm) however you can eat them at anytime of the day and because they are so quick to prepare.   

26/07/2013 - 10:32am

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